5 Things to Do the Day You’re Fired

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You’ve just been fired! You’re such a pro at mapping out your life that you googled “what to do after you’ve been fired” or you’re just awesome and a loyal subscriber to my blog. Take a moment to accept the fact that the corporate world has given you the boot. Under normal circumstances this would be devastating news but since you’re an entrepreneur at heart, your tragedy is really a blessing in disguise. Your next few choices will determine how smoothly you’ll be able to transition into an independent work/life style. Here are the major 5 things you need to do the day that you are fired from your job.

5. Reflect 

I know you have questions, doubts, concerns and your livelihood is hanging in the balance. Take the time to gather your thoughts and view this as an opportunity to be catapulted into your greatest level of potential . Think about your job, your true level of happiness, the good times, the bad times and the people that helped you get through the day. This is important because you’re going to write a goodbye letter/email to all of your co-workers. Why? Because it offers you the opportunity to remind people of who you are, the times you’ve had and the fact that you’ve had a side hustle all along that they might be able to utilize. When I was fired from my job as the Director of Student Engagement due to budget cuts, I sent an email to everyone thanking them for their support, camaraderie and passion to help the children. I mentioned that I would focus on my (not yet official) nonprofit organization and provided them with my contact info in case they wanted to donate and or volunteer. It Worked. Many of my former co-workers that weren’t aware of my “side job” as a educational hope pusher fell in love with my initiative and documented history within the Chicago Public School system as a consultant . I can reach out to many of them to this day about my NonProfit work and they will reference my goodbye email. There is power in saying good bye! It doesn’t make you weak, it showcases your strength!

4. Recycle 

Some of us are lucky enough to work within fields that we are passionate about. While working with a political official, I was able to attend numerous workshops and conferences. I made sure that at the end of my internship that I got copies of those certifications, pamphlets and workbooks to verify my new found knowledge and provide current examples of literature, jargon and presentations that I can tweak to enhance my own marketing materials. A little recycling never hurt anybody, right? Don’t leave behind things that have added value to you and your performance while working for someone else. Think about what you have the right to take with you that can be an asset to you as a small business owner. 

3. Recalibrate 

Now that you’ve got the small stuff out of the way make sure you file for unemployment even if you doubt you’ll get it. Apply for any other programs that may help with your finances, health care and more. The quicker you are about being proactive the sooner you’ll be able to hopefully receive some type of assistance. If you’re too proud to allow the government to help, you’re already entering your entrepreneurial life backwards or blinded. That is what the American way of life is for, American’s help those that are in need (for a short time ) to assist with people getting back on their feet.  Don’t use all of your savings to survive until it isn’t avoidable. Don’t cash out all of your other safety net options, until you have to. The more financially Savy you are now, the more it will pay off further down the line. Being an entrepreneur is about independence but you’re still dependent on the money you’re able to make.

2. Rebrand

 Some people will say that this is a step that you should do later on. Most bosses fire you and expect you to return to your desk and finish up the day’s work. How about you utilize those raw emotions to think about how you can better your situation once you walk out of that door for good. Think about ways that you can rebrand your business now that you’re able to dedicate all of your time to it. Figure out a way to make those changes immediately. Shoot, use your now old job’s wifi to update your website. (#HairFlip) I am a woman that loves to focus on the future when my present tries to stress me out. Ignore the temptation to have a pity party and concentrate on the freedom that is waiting for you on the other side of that door!

1. Relaunch

 Set a goal for yourself to relaunch as a full time entrepreneur. I was laid off of on a Friday and by Monday I’d updated everything within my online store and created a few press releases to promote my upcoming calendar of events for my non profit organization. Nothing motivates you like hustling to pay those bills. Nothing inspires you more than the opportunity to fully focus on the things that you love the most. Your relaunch isn’t just for your brand its the relaunch of your life as well. You have to ensure that people no longer see you for the job title you once had but for the movement your now reenforcing daily!

Getting fired isn’t the end – it’s actually the beginning. Sometimes life has to force us into hard situations for us to even consider having faith in our very own calling and talents. It’s up to you to Manifest Your Destiny. Do not allow life to control you but allow yourself to control your life.You aren’t responsible for the things that happen to you but you are responsible for how you react to them. Congratulations on your victory over being fired in advance!


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