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its jess branding Dec 03, 2020
Jessica LaShawn  of Mogul Academy African American Woman Looking Curious Asks Question About Website Building for Its Jess Branding Blog for entrepreneurs and personal brands

With the rise of entrepreneurs and individuals starting a personal brand- the need for searchable, functional, and informative websites are on the rise. According to DOFO “ In June 2020, more than 4.96 million domain names were registered in the whole world. .COM, as usual, was the most popular domain extension with 3.3 million domain names (66.5%). “ If you're wondering why this information is important to you as someone looking to better understand the Who, What, Why, How, and Where of online website building- it confirms your search. It proves that you are not alone in googling. Many are searching for  “how to create a website for free?”


When it comes to creating the perfect website for you there are a few things you need to keep in mind. A website is nothing more than an online home for all things dealing with you, the value you add to society and your personal story that made you who you are today. In total, it's the way people can find you, get to know you and hopefully fulfill some type of transaction with you.


Here are the top 5 things to consider when searching for the perfect website for you and your industry.


  1. How can you build a website for free?


You need to know your budget. It's easy to use Google Sites to create a free website with fully functional features where you can sell and showcase information about you and your claim to fame.  But, free isn't always the best option. Some websites can be built to be seamless for the website host and their audience viewing the site. The goal is to present the most welcoming online environment possible. With that in mind, a website can cost between $ 250 and $2,000 to be customized for you and your industry with monthly fees averaging between  25 and 350 dollars a month. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Google is one of the best in the industry but learning how to combine so many pieces of their conglomerate together for your digital home may be challenging for a DIY project when you lack experience. 


  1. How to start a personal website?


This is the second most popular search phrase on GOOGLE dealing with websites. This question really means- how do I know what to put on my website?. When thinking about what content should be on your website you should research websites of the people or companies that are within your niche to see what they have on their website. You want to focus on what your website viewer needs and wants to know. Make sure that your website focuses on the people that visit your site by being able to answer their top 10 questions on the home page. 


  1. How to start a wedding website?

This search question really means “what website hosting service should I use  for my wedding site?”  Being specific about what you may want and need on your website is critical to your happiness and the success of your website’s viewer experience. Researching the different options available and seeing what features and integrations will be necessary to get the job done will be vital. . This will help to create the digital space of your dreams that will introduce your audience to the vibe you will deliver in person and or as a part of the overall experience. If you need help figuring out what technology is best for your website feel free to take our “Put my Domain In a Box Quiz” to help break down the site of your dreams. 


  1. How To Get Analytics on My Website

This search question really means what do I need to do and add to get quality metrics on who is visiting my website and from where. This is a loaded question because it requires two different perspectives. You have to view this from the marketing standpoint which focuses on your website’s ability to stand out in the crowd and the profitability viewpoint which focuses on the conversion rate, both determine diverse streams of your analytics. 


1.  Tips for DIY websites by amateurs


This search really means tell me what I need to do step by step to create the perfect website for my brand. If you are looking for tools that are within your budget take our Website Budget Quiz and if you are interested in determining if you should hire someone to build your website take our DIY Vs Outsourced Website Quiz.




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