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2021 LOGO Jessica LaShawn Branding Mogul
2021 LOGO Jessica LaShawn Branding Mogul


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5 Things to Do the Day You’re Fired

Take a moment to accept the fact that the corporate world has given you the boot. Under normal circumstances this would be devastating news but since you’re an entrepreneur at heart, your tragedy is really a blessing in disguise. Your next few choices will determine how smoothly you’ll be able to transition into an independent work/life style. Here are the major 5 things you need to do the day that you are fired from your job.

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When Mentoring Goes Wrong by Jessica LaShawn

When Mentoring Goes Wrong

Being a mentor is hard. You’re an alternate parent to a young person. You’re there to fill in the gaps where the progenitor may need assistance, due to a lack of resources, time and familiarity. As the founder of an educational program called Mogul Academy, which serves urban youth through flash and digital mentoring, I see the “ins and outs” of the mentoring service continuously. The one question I get from individuals that are afraid to commit is, “How do I end the relationship if we aren’t compatible?”

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Jessica LaShawn Award Winning Mentor and Digital Brand Educator Consultant

5 Steps To Finding A Great Mentor As An Adult

We, as adults still need guidance and people to make sure we are heading in the right direction. I have 4 tangible mentors and 2 virtual mentors. Oddly, they are all men and the majority of them may be classified as my peers. They are Gary Vaynerchuck, Israel Idonije, Jeff Johnson, Garrain Jones, Marcus Lemonis , Vusi Thembekwayo and Steve Canal – thank you for giving me the tools to # CrushIt!

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