How to Go LIVE & Record Content

2021 LOGO Jessica LaShawn Branding Mogul
2021 LOGO Jessica LaShawn Branding Mogul


Within this course you will have a webinar, and a downloadable workbook with actionable steps and technology tips.

The goal at Jessica LaShawn Consulting is to help build Brands that L.I.V.E. on and offline with legacy, impact, vision and equity .


You’re ready to host an amazing LIVE EVENT. This webinar and workbook will assist with getting the most out of your event.

The Purpose:

As a skilled Technophile, I am well aware of how others can miss the mark on their big day. We can prepare and ensure that your event is not only worthy of your attendees time but life changing and memorable. This is an opportunity to obtain the best marketing ever with potential digital shares and brand awareness.


We will cover what tech to use

Tips to record and Go Live with clarity

Ways to monetize each piece of content and more


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