The Perfect Website (Physical) Workbook

2021 LOGO Jessica LaShawn Branding Mogul
2021 LOGO Jessica LaShawn Branding Mogul


The goal at Jessica LaShawn Consulting is to help build Brands that L.I.V.E. on and offline with legacy, impact, vision and equity .


A website is more than just a name on the internet. Your website is your digital home. It allows people to find you, learn about you, patronize you and memorialize you because when you are gone – what you do/did for people will be the legacy that remains.Our goal is to make sure that your website lives up to the challenge of documenting who you are and the community you serve. We pride ourselves on building websites that communicate a brand’s ability to solve problems, inspire dialogue and unite a community. Your website should be the main source of information for people aware of the insight and the benefits you bring to your industry. Your website should be the number 1 stop for your audience when they are looking for up-to-date information on trends, hacks and lessons to educate, empower and equip them.


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