What is Your BRAND Story?

2021 LOGO Jessica LaShawn Branding Mogul
2021 LOGO Jessica LaShawn Branding Mogul


Lets start with an overview of what a BRAND STORY is all about and how it directly impact how people instantly size you up on and off line. How your brand, brand story and mission are presented are the instant tools to being PRESS WORTHY!

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During this course we dig deep into the world of branding. On this journey we will map out the fundamental tools needed to structure your brand properly in a way that it lays a solid foundation for success, legacy and clarity. As you know- I believe that everyone has, is worthy of and needs a BRAND. Therefore, we will outline the key ways to navigate branding, how to benefit from your branding and how to drive intentional industry impact with your brand.

During this course you will be able to leverage my wisdom, expertise and insight on branding trends, brand psychology and more using modern leaders within diverse spaces that are dominating due to enriched branding styles.


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