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When Mentoring Goes Wrong by Jessica LaShawn

When Mentoring Goes Wrong

Being a mentor is hard. You’re an alternate parent to a young person. You’re there to fill in the gaps where the progenitor may need assistance, due to a lack of resources, time and familiarity. As the founder of an educational program called Mogul Academy, which serves urban youth through flash and digital mentoring, I see the “ins and outs” of the mentoring service continuously. The one question I get from individuals that are afraid to commit is, “How do I end the relationship if we aren’t compatible?”

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Jessica LaShawn Award Winning Mentor and Digital Brand Educator Consultant

5 Steps To Finding A Great Mentor As An Adult

We, as adults still need guidance and people to make sure we are heading in the right direction. I have 4 tangible mentors and 2 virtual mentors. Oddly, they are all men and the majority of them may be classified as my peers. They are Gary Vaynerchuck, Israel Idonije, Jeff Johnson, Garrain Jones, Marcus Lemonis , Vusi Thembekwayo and Steve Canal – thank you for giving me the tools to # CrushIt!

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