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The best way to think about your brand is to look at it as the reputation you have with your clients and the impression you leave on people who have not done business with you YET but have run across you - either on social media, your own website, etc. Your brand story is something that will have a key role to play in all of of your marketing, sales strategy and future campaigns.


Your branding is something that makes you unique - it encompasses why you started your business in the first place, what kind of process do you follow that’s unique to you and MOST IMPORTANTLY- how you’re actually very much like your ideal customer that you’re trying to attract.

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Branded Lead Pages

Are you ready to sell your digital product but you lack the time to create a sales funnel, checkout flow, landing page, and follow-up prompts? Don't worry, Its "JESS" Branding can help. 
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Branded Blogging
Are you ready to sell your digital/physical products and services but you lack the time to create informative, keyword-rich, and socially impactful content? Don't worry, Its "JESS" Branding can help. We focus on curating blogs that highlight you and or your business as the leader within your field solving problems for your clients the best. 
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Branded Pitch Kit 

Are you ready to stimulate interest from potential investors, customers and media outlets? A well branded business pitch kit can present your idea in a way that converts, conforms and captivates along the way. presentation. It includes a deep dive into your brand, mission, audience and "scalability". Don't worry, we can help you stand out in a crowd #perfectlybranded !
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Branded Workbook 

We will create an amazing 32-page workbook featuring key elements of your industry and or brand to assist in raising awareness and engaging your audience.
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Need help branding your website  or social media & optimizing your brand's digital assets so that you can rank higher on Google? We have a signature process that ensures your website and social media  are supercharged for optimal search engine mapping & detection. During this consultation, we can outline a blueprint where the goal is to make sure your brand stands out on all search engines and social media.
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Jessica LaShawn Award Winning Mentor Author Writer and Branding Consultant

Need a BRANDED Website?

Need help mapping your website & optimizing your brand's digital assets so that you can rank higher on Google? We have a signature process that ensures your website and keywords are supercharged for optimal search engine mapping & detection. The goal is to make sure your brand stands out on all search engines. 
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Social Media is your greeting to the world as they enter your space. You want people to feel welcomed, safe and at home. We can help you design the brand and marketing strategy that helps you build a like , know and trust factor with your audience. Our goal is to present your brand well, inform and create memories with your content. 
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Knowing your brand "type" is the best way to breakdown the most productive and profitable option for  your brand's development plan. This quiz will help you discover your brand's impact, legacy potential and profitability within 3 minutes or less using a proprietary consumer psychology analysis designed by Jessica LaShawn.