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Jessica LaShawn  -

Branding that Builds Social Equity


JL became an entrepreneur at 9 years old. Her unique capabilities as a visionary allowed her to pave a well-documented path of scaling businesses and brands to achieve optimal online presence and brand recognition using state of the art technology and social capital. As the founder of the award-winning nonprofit Mogul Academy, Jessica has mentored over 500k youth globally with her business tech submersion program that allowed her to consult over 3,000 business owners since 2014. Her ability to fine-tune brands with a structured system of engagement, clear brand perspective, and technological innovations has allowed her to ensure scalability and growth for corporations globally. Her goal is to curate branding that cultivates social equity beyond diversity and inclusion. 


Need Help Making The Internet Your Home?

Need Help with Your Website

Need help mapping your website & optimizing your brand's digital assets so that you can rank higher on Google? We have a signature process that ensures your website and keywords are supercharged for optimal search engine mapping & detection. The goal is to make sure your brand stands out on all search engines.  We walk you through what type of website you need, budget planning and more. 


Need a Media Pitch Kit?

Getting ready for a major launch & need help designing a funnel system & social media plan to promote your products & services? We can curate an outline of content to showcase your goods & leave clients wanting more. This is all about having a detailed call to action that will inform, convert & add value. We will also outline a media & investor pitch during this consultation to assist with securing partnerships and press. You will also receive a curated list of media contacts & industry stakeholders.

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Need Help Branding?

Do People Know You?

Need help developing a brand that stands out and is authentic and original? We can help you design, research & curate a brand that encompasses who you are and who you serve instantly. We focus on impact, influence & infrastructure to customize your legacy

Schedule Now ($250.00)

Got a TECH Question?

Need someone to listen to your idea and help you shape the concept.  We can go over the fundamentals of building a Business plan, Marketing Plan or Ways to Automate your business through systems and passive income during a video call. We can also walk you through developing digital concepts as well.

Schedule Now ($250.00)

Need Help with Social Media?

During this session, we will break down what your industry is and curate a way to create custom content to promote your products and services to your audience in a mind blowingly authentic way. Our goal is to create a industry specific calendar, daily prompts and system to engage your audience.

Schedule Now ($275.00)

Need an APP?

Do You Know Tech?

Need help figuring out the right applications or software to use to systematize your business? We can help you outline your business goals and find the right software to make your dreams come true. You can only do so much. Let us help you narrow down your options to ensure your technical success.

Schedule Now ($375.00)

Need Help Recording Content?

Just wanna be the talent?

Need help producing your Live and or Recorded content? Learn how to breakdown your next LIVE or Recorded event with this digital deep dive workbook. The workbook focuses on identifying your target audience, time frame, delivery of content and ways to monetize your production. 

Download Now ($19.99)

Need Help On-Boarding?

Are You Professional?

Need help setting up a communication system/ curriculum that will help your business run on autopilot?  We can help you outline your dream order of operations to ensure an exceptional experience for all of your customers that allows you supreme organization, tracking, and management relations skills. 

Schedule Now ($1,500)

VIP Session

This is a consulting session where we build and launch the fundamental elements of your brand within 8-12 hours. This session includes a full business consultation resulting in a full business, marketing, social and financial plan.

BOOK TODAY ($3,500)

Need Help Going LIVE Post COVID19?

Post COVID19 , entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations are attempting every social media hack to engage their market and stabilize their impact. Going LIVE seems to be the necessary key but most are unaware of what tech they need to make the most of each live session. This video will help you find the right Tech for you!

Learn how to improve  your productivity using the proper Technology.

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